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Spring has Sprung: It’s Time to Get Your Property Ready

Posted in: Seasonal Clean Up

It’s no secret that most people spend as much of the cold winter as they can indoors, often shirking their outdoor duties in favor of curling up inside with a hot cup of tea. However, as the weather warms, and people prepare to enjoy the sun, it’s important for your property to be prepared. When the beautiful balmy weather comes, you don’t want to be stuck mulching, worrying about plant installation, or even just beginning your entire spring cleanup. When you get started early on the spring preparations, they will be ready for you to enjoy as the warm weather begins to heat up.

The winter weather can wreak havoc on your property. Whether it’s bitter cold, ice, snow accumulation, inclement weather, or just inconsistent temperatures, this can damage trees, plants, and fences, and leave your grounds a muddy mess. As soon as the ground starts to thaw, it’s time to take into consideration any damage from fallen branches, or general weather damage. Assess your property early to make sure it’s in tip top shape, and the perfect blank canvas for the ideal garden, soothing summer oasis, or beautiful plant installation.

Spring Landscaping Services in Northern, MD

Depending on how you wish to utilize your space, whether it’s the garden you have always wanted or an ornate or modern plant installation it is important that your grounds are properly primed. This takes effort, love, and mulching. Whether you wish to grow your own fruits and vegetables, have a yard of fragrant and elegant flowers, or have a wholly unique landscaping design, these all can only flourish on properly mulched and cared for grounds.

Mulch is a layer of generally organic material applied to the surface area of soil. It is then naturally absorbed into the ground by the activity of worms and other such organisms. It serves several key functions, both functional and aesthetic. Mulch conserves moisture. This is one of the many factors which contributes to mulch improving the health and fertility of the soil. Mulching not only enriches soil, but impairs weed growth and enhances the visual appeal of any lawn, garden, or plant installation.

Spring Landscape Mulching

Once your grounds are thoroughly cleaned, mulched, and prepared, they are primed and ready to grow into a gorgeous oasis or summer fun spot. Plan carefully, and pick plants to suit your tastes and needs. The sky is the limit. You can grow fresh produce in your own yard, or simply plant beautiful flowers of your choice to add visual appeal to your home and enjoy the soft scent on the breeze. Modern plant installations can add a one-of-a-kind touch to any home, and are a great way for homeowners to exercise their creativity and make a space feel wholly their own.

If you have any questions about ways to make your property spring and summer ready, get in touch with Chesapeake Landscapes today at 410-960-9132 or use our contact form to make inquiries about our services.