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Commercial Landscaping Services – Chesapeake Landscapes

A business differs a bit from residential living as residential living; a homeowner can get by with a mowing every now and then. As far as commercial landscaping services are concerned, you are dealing with the public and needs to have clear walkways, well lit areas and clean grounds for safety purposes. This is why you need Chesapeake Landscapes as your choice contractor.

Safety should always be a major concern of yours as a business owner. Sometimes we tend to forget just how important that even trimming the edges of a walkway can be. You’ll be a liability without hiring a professional landscaper.

A professional landscaper can provide you with such commercial serves as snow removal and grounds maintenance. Both serves fall under our landscaping serves that members of the business community love so much.

For all related commercial services, you need to call Chesapeake Landscapes. We’ll meet your landscaping needs as we can take on whatever size project that you may have in mind. From large to small, we are a group of experienced landscapers who focus on quality.

We’ll work to get you services that fit within your budget and are delivered on time. We’ll improve on your outdoor living space or even create a new living space for you.

Problems are never a problem for our crew as we provide everything to you from landscaping designs, quality builds and maintenance that you won’t find anywhere else of this par.


Grounds Maintenance

We have earned a reputation as being the skilled technicians that are prompt, professional and committed to our company’s higher quality of standards. If there is one thing that we value most it’s your satisfaction. Come to us for holiday light installations, hardscapes and more.




Commerical -andscapingFor starters, your landscape enhances the value of your property up to 15%. In order to increase the value of your business, and get more customer attention, the landscape must be thought out, well-implemented and maintained. This is why landscaping is important for your property in Northern Maryland.



Snow Removal

Snow-Removal-imageSnow removal and plowing are known to go hand-in-hand but they are two completely different services. Snow elimination refers to the process of actually removing the snow from the site. While plowing means that you are pushing it into a large pile. Call to schedule your snow removal while you still can and other commercial landscaping services from Chesapeake Landscapes.



If you are looking for commercial landscaping services in Northern Maryland then please call 410-960-9132 or complete our online request form.