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Trying to Locate a Good Landscape Design Company in Havre de Grace?

Hardscaping imageMaybe you have taken scenic pictures from the Promenade in Havre de Grace before or let your children pay in Tydings Park, but have you taken advantage of the services of Chesapeake Landscapes before? We’re a full landscaping service that does both hard and softscapes.

When researching landscaping ideas, be sure and set your sites on hardscapes. Hardscapes often offset softscapes. Anything that is a stone or wooden structure can be considered a hardscape. Stone and wooden structures are considered to be a good investment due to their durability.

A softscape is called this because it refers to tees, shrubbery, flowers or anything animated. Animated features in a yard create wonderful borders and aesthetic appeal. If you’re in need of then combination of a hard and softscape, call Chesapeake Landscapes.

A garden is one location of your property that the combination of the two can be planted and built. A garden can never be a garden without plants, but stone walkways, fountains and walls don’t hurt to incorporate either.

Havre de Grace Landscape Design

Committing to lawn maintenance, from a local landscape design company, doesn’t take much thought but committing to a design takes a lot of thought. When we commit to outdoor projects, we want them done right and looking fabulous.

Whenever a professional company does them, they make your property look more valuable than it already is. Chesapeake Landscapes can be your reliable landscape company to build your next project whether it’s a wooden arbor for the garden or lighted pathways leading up to your front door.

Lighting is a feature that we tend to ignore. Outdoor lights do more than just highlight your landscaping; it creates security for your home. Security lights are part of landscape lighting which protect and identify your walkways better along with your flowerbed and tree lines.

Havre de Grace Landscape Company

A landscaping company offers professional services so that you don’t have to go through all the painstaking work. Landscaping tasks such as lawn fertilization take an expert to do as they can help ensure the proper growth of both your lawn and plants.

From fertilizing to proper care, Chesapeake Landscapes does it all. We’ll make sure that all your outdoor plants, lawn and trees look their best at all times. Here are some of the benefits of going with professional fertilization:

  • Assurance

  • Safety

  • Proper blooming of flowers and grass

Hiring a professional landscape design company will provide you with landscapers like owner and operator of Chesapeake Landscapes, Brad Georg. Georg puts his hardworking team to work on every project so they get it done quickly and without interruption to your life.

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We have been using Chesapeake for several years and for various projects. Their attention to detail and follow up is consistent. Brad and Sue are great to work with and do their best to accommodate our schedules despite weather uncertainties. We definitely recommend Cheasapeake for all your outdoor living and landscape projects - including ongoing maintenance.




Overall Rating: 5/5

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