Commercial Snow Removal


In the winter, many landscape companies keep themselves busy through commercial snow removal services which they keep their client’s driveways, pathways, roofs and landscapes usable and accessible. During the snowy weather, we will work hard to keep your property safe in order to deliver consistent business to your customer base. Accidents are possible in snow and icy conditions. Don’t make your property a slip and fall scene. Let us take care of it through the necessary maintenance.

Snow Removal vs. Plowing

Snow elimination and plowing are known to go hand-in-hand but they are two completely different services. Snow elimination refers to the process of actually removing the snow from the site. While plowing means that we are pushing it into a large pile.

Snow plowing is:

Snow Elimination is:

· Common in Commercial Parking Lots

· Economical

· Good For urban Lots

· An Investment

Other Snow Services We Offer

Clearing Walkways

In order to clear the front walkway, our crew utilizes shovels or mechanical brooms to clear a path. We may even use a snow blower in some cases. Most companies don’t even bother clearing all the paths just the front walkways.

Deicing Products

The best deicing products vary by state and temperature. We use a combination of sand based products along with salt to keep your walkways and paths safe. Deicing products are less corrosive and will not harm your lawn or shrubbery.

Cost of Snow Management

There are a number of factors that go into the price of snow elimination and plowing. To get a better idea of what you’ll be paying for a snow management service, here are some considerations that determine the cost:

  • Season - We can determine the cost to you based on the average snowfall from the year before.
  • Inch - Different amounts of snowfall affect the price. From 1-3 inches you’ll pay one price, but for 3-6 you’ll expect to pay more.
  • Hour - Special tasks such as shoveling will be additional charges. Some contractors charge by the hour.