Pool Services Now Available!

Having grown up swimming in and working on inground pools, I’m excited to announce we are now offering pool services!  

Our services will include pool openings and closing plus inground pool construction.

As the summer days come to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the work needed to close your pool, including:

  • Disassemble and store deck equipment and store on owner’s property
  • Lower water level to proper winterization level for your pool and/or cover type
  • Winterizing pool circulation, filtration, and heating system
  • Purge underground pipes and install necessary winter plugs (floor cleaner plugs not included in price)
  • Add pool safe antifreeze as required
  • Install owners winter cover on pool

Closing the pool properly ensures that next year, the pool will be easy to open, clean, and ready for swimming!

Save yourself a Saturday, and have us take care of closing your pool for you!


Plus: We also plan to do a limited amount of inground pool construction over the next few months.

We’d like to give our next customer deep discounts on their new pool if they partner with us to create marketing materials for our pool division.

If you need help closing your pool or are interested in a new pool, let us know today!