Landscape Maintenance

Professional landscape maintenance by Chesapeake Landscapes, showcasing expert care and maintenance for outdoor spaces, including lawn mowing, pruning, mulching, fertilizing, and other essential services, to ensure a well-groomed, healthy, and visually appealing landscape, providing reliable and comprehensive landscape management for residential and commercial properties.

We became a residential landscaping service in 2002. Throughout the years of consistent service, we have gained the trust of the community. Today, we are still in full operations as we provide outdoor management for things such as your lawn, trees, shrubbery and more. At Chesapeake Landscapes, the outdoor environment is our livelihood. It’s our goal to create and maintain beautiful landscapes while eliminating the impact on the environment itself.

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Seasonal Landscape Maintenance

For homeowners that don’t have the need for weekly maintenance, we offer seasonal for your convenience. Our specially trained crew will perform and deliver the following seasonal service functions which are:

· Seasonal Cleanups

· Mulching Service

· Pruning

· Weeding

· Landscape Rejuvenation

· Mowing & Turf Care

We also offer monthly service packages!


Monthly upkeep of your garden beds will keep your garden beautiful all year. This will reduce the need for major spring or fall clean up. Mulch maintenance includes adding mulch where needed, checking for erosion, garden pests, and weed control.

Seasonal Cleanups

Each season of the year has different landscaping challenges around the home. Regular maintenance visits for each season includes: spring cleanup and mulching, summer maintenance, fall cleanup and leaf removal, and winter preparations. Year-round attention to details!


Healthy trees and shrubs need regular pruning to stimulate strong, healthy roots and promote attractive growth. Pruning services vary during the year depending on your specific bushes, shrubs or trees. Our maintenance experts know when and where to prune for your most appealing garden displays, that's our specialty.

Landscape Rejuvenation

When the maintenance on your property falls behind, let Chesapeake Landscapes take up the slack for you. We are the experts when your property needs a little attention or a complete rejuvenation, and we can keep it looking great year-round. From lawns, flowers and bushes, to trees pathways, patios and lighting, let us show you the beauty in your home.

 Advantages of Residential Outdoor Management

Residential Outdoor Management

When we think of our property we tend to think of lawns, and if they are manicured to where we want them be.  Chesapeake Landscapes is here to tell you that there is a lot more. Not only do we do lawns, we also do tree trimming, shrub care and more.

· Increases Resell Value

· Enhances Value of Property

· Plant and Tree Specialists