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Chesapeake Landscapes has been in the mowing business for almost 20 years.  We know Maryland!  We know our weather, plants and geography and therefore, we know Maryland lawns. Certain grass varieties  grow best in our region, which means you treat grass in California completely different than grass in Maryland. We know when to aerate and seed and how to treat insect and disease problems. We have developed our treatment plans specifically for the grass that grows here in Middle Atlantic region. We are the professionals, you can count on our consistency and reliability for your services being done within a certain window of time, every time. We like lawn care, lawn mowing and our customers! We take pride in your outside!

When you hire Chesapeake Landscapes, you get professionals, you get to enjoy your weekends, you get a beautiful green lawn, and you get to rest easy knowing that your lawn is getting the nutrients and care it needs while you enjoy fewer chores! If you're tired of treating or mowing your own lawn, let an expert that really cares take over for you, give Chesapeake Landscapes a call!


Benefits of hiring Chesapeake Landscapes for lawn care service.

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Like most homeowners in Maryland, you probably have a busy lifestyle that leaves little time for lawn care.  Regular lawn care and maintenance takes time and effort and requires a year-round commitment to keep a well-maintained lawn. Hiring Chesapeake Landscapes to handle your lawn maintenance in Maryland is the perfect solution for a beautiful lawn. DIY lawn care and regular maintenance can be an  overwhelming task, whether the lawn is small or large.  Keeping grass, plants, shrubs and trees healthy and green takes knowledge and experience in plant care and maintenance procedures.  Our professional lawn maintenance packages provides many benefits that DIY lawn care just can’t match.  To give you a better picture for your property, here are some of the benefits you will have by switching over to a professional lawn service:

Chesapeake Landscapes provides CONSISTENT lawn care services, one of the biggest advantages of professional lawn care. When you hire a reputable landscape company to provide professional lawn maintenance in Baltimore County, Harford County or Cecil County, you can be sure that your lawn care services will be regular and prompt.

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Typically, we will assign a crew to mow and maintain your lawn on a weekly basis. Our crews provide pristine mowing services throughout the northern Maryland areas all week, every week.  They will take care of mowing your lawn and clean up afterwards, as scheduled per your contract agreement terms. Regular lawn care and maintenance services usually include: Weekly lawn mowing, border edging for driveways, walkways and patio areas and cleaning of driveways, walkways and patio areas, leaving your property looking sharp and well maintained every week.  


In addition, our crews are trained to look for areas around your property that may need additional services, such as pruning, shrub and tree maintenance and lawn fertilizing, seeding and aeration to promote healthy and green growth.  We can then offer suggestions for you to consider before minor landscaping issues become major, costly repairs.  In the long run, Maryland homes are best cared for by professionals like Chesapeake Landscapes and our reputation proves that. 

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Your lawn and landscape has a big impact on your home’s appearance and curb appeal. The added property value and neighborhood appeal are well worth the investment in a professional service.  If you are planning on selling your home in the near future or several years down the road, a well-maintained lawn adds beauty and character to your home, creates an inviting entrance and increases property values. 

Definitely a worthwhile investment that attracts potential buyers and raises your home’s selling price.  It will also boost sales prices in your community by adding beauty and well-kept ambiance to your neighborhood.  Your neighbors will appreciate your attention to professional lawn maintenance. Professional lawn maintenance in Maryland from Chesapeake Landscapes includes skilled and experienced crews to take care of your lawn and landscape needs. Our crews show up equipped with the proper tools and equipment needed to get the job done right. If you weigh the cost of DIY lawn care to the cost of professional services, you have to factor in skill level, experience and the cost of necessary equipment to maintain your property. If you have a large Harford County or Baltimore County property, the proper equipment required can cost you thousands of dollars. Hiring a professional lawn service will not only save you money on purchasing and maintaining equipment but skilled and experienced crews will do all the work.

We are a Full Service Landscape Company!

Chesapeake Landscapes is a professional lawn maintenance company in Harford County Maryland that can also provide lawn and garden renovations to repair damage or just give your home a new look.  Our professional, experienced crews can replant your lawn with new sod or seed, plant new shrubs and trees and remove damaged or dead plants.  Our experienced landscape designers can consult with you to give your entire property a whole new look, or add new features or elements. They can provide lawn renovations and garden designs based on your existing property conditions and select the right type of grass and plants that will thrive year-round.  Hiring Chesapeake Landscapes for you lawn maintenance also gives you access to all of our outdoor services including: