How much do you appreciate your grounds? Are you willing to make an investment in it to keep it looking great year round? Chesapeake Landscapes has the solution for your lawn problems. We offer lawn care maintenance and lawn mowing service for your convenience. Our lawn care service will make your grounds look like you paid thousands to have it manicured.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

During peak growing season, your lawn will be mowed weekly. Call to schedule days that you’ll want to have it done. With the combination of sun and moisture, your grass can grow quickly. We’ll even install irrigation for it on warm dry days.

Irrigation Systems

We can install a fully automatic irrigation system that will fit your custom needs. We’ll work within your budget to make sure it’s something that you can afford and want. We use only high quality products that ensure your grounds getting the best type of watering.


A tree should be pruned in order to promote its proper growth and health. Incorrect pruning methods will jeopardize the integrity as well as the life span. Shrubbery also needs to be pruned by experts only. You can find these experts at Chesapeake Landscapes.

Lawn Service Plans

As part of our lawn mowing service, we include trimming, edging, and blowing. We’ll trim along the edge of your building in order to perfect the appeal of your lawn. Also we will trim along fences, flowerbeds, sidewalks to maintain proper growth and height of the grass.

Mulching vs. Bagging

We highly recommend mulching the grass clippings back into the lawn. Why do this? Because mulching the grass is an awesome way of returning valuable nutrients into the lawn. Here are some other benefits of mulching:

➾ Healthier Lawn

➾ Rich in Nutrients

➾ Less Maintenence

Lawn Care Maintenance

When we think of maintenance for our outdoors we tend to think of cutting the grass, and that’s it. There is a lot more to it than just mowing. In fact, there is lots of ways in which to make your grounds the center focus of the neighborhood

Ideas For The Grounds

➾Clean up deris

➾Raking leaves

➾Removing dead branches

➾trimming back bushes

➾Spray at least once a month

If you need mowing & lawn care maintenance, call Chesapeake Landscapes. We’ll guarantee that your grounds are the center of attention. Call today for a free estimate!