Beautiful Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor Living

If you’re looking for outdoor living spaces such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, patios, driveways or walkways, then you can depend on Chesapeake Landscapes to build them for you. We have been creating landscape masterpieces since 2002 and still building them today for homeowners in the area. You too can have your outdoor space enhanced by calling us. You’ll appreciate our intelligent design team who knows what our customers are looking for.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Wouldn’t it be great to bring your indoor kitchen outdoors or use your outdoor kitchen at any time of the year? Well, now you can! Chesapeake Landscapes will help you explore your options and build your outdoor kitchen, for you and your family to enjoy more time spent together. We’ll work with your price range so that you can enjoy the following appliances:

  • Stove Tops
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Refrigerators
  • Sinks
  • Countertops
  • More!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can be a huge lifestyle change. We can show you a variety of fireplaces and fire pits that will exceed your expectations. You have the option to choose from stones and bricks, sizes and locations, seating and walls. Pick out your masonry materials to beautify and personalize your home in the Northern Maryland landscape.


As a landscaping team, we can not only mow and trim your lawn but also construct an outdoor space that allows for more comfort. You can enjoy a new paver patio as it’s created from the materials of your choice or let our design team show you the endless possibilities! For example, some homeowners love unique paver designs while others appreciate simplicity.

Walkways & Driveways

Using pavers for your walkway or driveway will not only make them last longer and be stronger than concrete - they look great too! Your walkway will be an inviting entrance to your home. We love creating beautiful entryways that you get to look at and appreciate every time you come home.


Opening up your outdoor area will add to your entertaining space. Create privacy walls, seating ledges, paver living areas, pergolas, kitchen and dining areas, lighting and more. Take the party outdoors and create a wonderful atmosphere for all your parties and events.

Living for the Weekend

Weekend Living

After a long week at work, the last thing you probably want is to spend your weekend indoors. Being outdoors allows us to relax better and breathe in the fresh air. Imagine a paver patio with a fire pit, hammock, soft lighting, and music for your relaxing weekend while our teams handle your chores.

Let Chesapeake Landscapes fill your outdoor space with a more comforting environment for you today!

Benefits of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces

What are the benefits of being outdoors? Well some people love being outdoors for the fresh air and expanded space. Sometimes is the unseen things that hold you back. Let our professional designers look at the whole picture. Whatever reason you have to avoid the great outdoors, we’ll change your mind as you’ll benefit from our services by:

  • Extending Your Indoors Out
  • Spending Your Time In Better Air Quality
  • Entertaining Family and Friends

We pride ourselves and Chesapeake Landscapes on our experience and ability to create a design that you will love. We have many paver certifications with the top organizations to ensure that we are always on the cutting edge of paver design. Our experienced team will not only design something that you can’t wait to have, they will make sure it is executed to perfection. We work with you to make sure that it suits your outdoor lifestyle and can work with your budget by breaking our projects into phases that allow you to create your dream living area one section at a time. Combine this with our industry-leading 5-year warranty, and you will have the confidence that this decision will be the right one.