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5 Things to Consider When Landscaping Your Home

Posted in: Landscaping

LandscapingTake a serious assessment of your home and neighborhood.  You may not be looking to sell your home anytime soon, however. making some changes to the landscaping around your home now will benefit you in more ways than just the bottom line value of your house.  A few well thought out changes may be all you need.

 Here are 5 landscaping rules to consider when choosing to invest money in your landscaping:

  1.  Have your trees and bushes out-grown the area they were originally intended for?  If the plants are covering the front walkway, it may be time to trim or remove older bushes and trees.  If your house is newer, you will want to consider the maximum size of each bush or tree, and the colors and textures that will enhance the look of your house.  This is a great time to contact a landscape designer.  They can recommend the best plants for improving the appearance of your home now and in 5 or 10 years
  2. How do the trees and bushes around your home affect the inside spaces you use?  If you have trees and large bushes next to the house, they may be taking the natural light out of your home.  Anytime you plant a tree or bush, you need to look at how they will affect your windows and doors, now just now but when they are full grown.  Cut back or remove trees and bushes that have been planted in the path of the windows and doors of your home.
  3. Are you looking to add privacy to your yard?  Some well placed trees can add privacy to your yard.  Does this mean you should line your property with tall evergreens?  No.  Every tree has unique characteristics that when placed correctly will give you beauty and screening.
  4. Builders Grade vs. Up Grade, which is the better value?  Even a small upgrade to the sidewalk that was put in by the builder can significantly improve the appearance of the front of your house.  This is where a few well placed dollars can be returned to you in the increased value of your home.  If you house is more than a year old, chances are you are seeing some settling in your walkways and stairs.  Make the changes now.  There may be one crack today, but soon you may be dealing with uneven sidewalks and cracks that will have the potential to damage the foundation of your house through water draining into the basement or under the basement.
  5. Don’t wait until your home is the place you want to get away from.  The improvements you make today, can create the “vacation” spot for next summer!  Choose to spend your vacation dollars where you will see a return on your investment.  Imagine an outdoor kitchen, a pergola, or a fireplace right outside your back door!  Your favorite vacation is as close as your backyard .