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Drainage Solutions for Your Northern Maryland Yard

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Drainage Solutions for Your Northern Maryland Yard

March is a wet and rainy month, however, it provides an opportunity to review your yard for problem areas that need to be addressed before heavier Spring and Summer storms. As you notice puddling and wash-out areas in your yard, consider Chesapeake Landscapes for installation of drainage solutions in your yard. Here are some options that may serve you well.

Dry River Beds

A beautiful way to handle stormwater. If the weather is dry, it’s attractive. When it rains it’s functional. Dry river beds are a wonderful way to dress up your landscape and handle rainwater. Though functional, the options are nearly limitless for beautiful, natural-looking dry river beds. In fact, a dry river bed can be constructed to look so natural that visitors to your home won’t even know it was purpose-built to handle stormwater! The concept behind these is simple: move water quickly away from places where it will flood and do damage. The advantage that a dry river bed has over plain old buried drain tile is simply aesthetic beauty. Beautiful and functional, dry river beds are workhorses in the heavy rain, as well as interesting, natural enhancements to your property and gardens.

Pop-up Emitters

Divert water away from your foundation and irrigate your grass instead! It works like this: water fills your gutter and comes down your downspout. The water is then carried away from your foundation in a PVC pipe, buried just beneath the sod. The Pop-up emitter is just a small mechanical “cap” that sits at the level of the grass at the end of the pipe 20-40 feet away from your house. When the pressure of the water in the pipe reaches a certain level, the cap “pops” up and sprays the water like a mechanical sprinkler unit! Pop-up emitters are a smart and simple way to protect your basement and disperse water to your grass and flower beds. Keep your mulch where it’s supposed to be! Keep your topsoil where you need it! and Protect Your Basement!!!

Dry Wells/French Drains

You can hide amazing storm water management right under the surface of the sod! Divert water away from problem areas and disperse it into the ground slowly and safely. Dry wells and French drains are necessary when you have to trap water and force it to percolate into the ground. French drains are best placed at some distance from the area you are having the water problem. Channel the water away from the problem area and into a French Drain or Dry Well. What’s the difference between these two? Essentially a French Drain is a buried Dry Well, and a Dry Well is an Open-to-the air French Drain. See the two examples below.

Slotted Drain

Perfect for areas where you don’t want any visible grates. Most often seen in commercial applications, slot drains can also be useful residentially. This type of drain is perfect where you have to get water off the surface of patios, concrete slabs, and other impervious surfaces. Water gets channeled into “slots” in the joints and then moved quickly away. Maybe into a dry river bed or french drain.

All of the above drainage solutions are viable in the right application. Which is right for your home or business? A professional from Chesapeake Landscapes will assess your property and install the best water management system for you.

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