Professional Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscaping

As far as landscaping goes for your business, you can always depend on Chesapeake Landscapes to deliver you the best possible services available. Our landscaping services are why business owners are so successful. We mow, clip, trim and clean up the property beautifying the area as well as keeping it safe for your customers. We do everything and anything to your exterior in order to create more appeal to your business. Call today and get a free consultation.

First Impressions

First impressions are everything. If your lawn is well maintained along with your shrubbery and flowerbeds, then your property will definitely make a lasting impression on your patrons. You may even be able to increase business with the right landscapers.


For starters, your landscape enhances the value of your property up to 15%. In order to increase the value of your business, and get more customer attention, the landscape must be thought out, well-implemented and maintained.


We can meet all of your commercial exterior needs through our services. The main goal of our services is to create the outdoor environment that you want. If you want the lawn mowed every week then we can do that along with trimming the edges of your property as well. 


An often overlooked service, irrigation can provide the necessary maintenance for your property. We can set up a sprinkler system that will keep your lawn well-manicured and always looking its best. You won’t find weeds on our maintained lawns.

Tree Trimming

Another commercial service we provide as part of our maintenance package is tree trimming. Overgrown trees can make your business look more like a haunted house. We provide everything from a good spring cleaning to storm cleaning.