Low Voltage Lighting


Nothing is more inviting then the ambiance of professionally designed and installed lighting around your home.  Arriving at a home with pathway lights, uplights and downlights makes a house your home.  It provides beauty, safety and security.  Show off your landscaping all day with your trees, shrubs and flowers and all evening with distinctive lighting by Chesapeake Landscapes.

Landscape lights for your home or business is an essential part of your landscape's overall design and functionality. Not only will the lighting make your home look beautiful in the evening hours, but they also serve multiple safety purposes by illuminating pathways and steps. Chesapeake Landscapes is proud to offer our clients a multitude of landscape lighting options  You may be looking for a "wow factor", but Chesapeake Landscapes knows there is more to it than simply wowing your neighbors. We will review your lighting options, and all of the considerations needed to improve the overall function and beauty of your outdoor living space. Our design will be specific to your home and lifestyle!


A few of our Landscape Lighting Options...


Uplights point the lights up towards a tree, bush or wall.  It creates bold shadows and a beautiful and dramatic effect in your landscape gardens. It will also highlight and emphasize a special architectural structure or a special plant or tree.


Downlights highlight areas below trees or bushes.  They provide visual depth to landscape gardens and can create some unique and interesting views to your exterior at night.  Perhaps most importantly, they add security to areas at the base of your home’s exterior walls.


The importance of pathlights can not be understated.  They provide inviting illumination to your pathways, sidewalks, stairs and patios.  This will be the type of lighting that enhances the beauty of your architectural structures as well as providing the lights you need for safely walking around outside your home. 

Outdoor lighting installed by Chesapeake Landscapes will provide:


The addition of any exterior lighting will illuminate dark areas around homes, buildings and gardens.  Most of these lights come with the option of a motion sensor, turning on when movement is detected by you, your guests, or an uninvited visitor. The motion sensor lights can be a way for you to know when someone approaches.   If you have security cameras, the additional lights will provide better viewing for these cameras.


Outdoor lighting will extend the time you use your outdoor living areas.  Be safe around your home at night with specially places outdoor lights.  Once installed, the lights will sufficiently illuminate your living areas.  The lighting designers at Chesapeake Landscapes prefer using energy efficient LED or solar powered lights, costing pennies compared to 120 volt lights.  When placed in the correct areas outside your home, you will have abundant lights to safely see where you are walking.

Ambiance & Beauty

Contact Chesapeake Landscapes to professionally install ambient backyard lighting, allowing you to use your patio area or backyard area for entertaining or relaxing.  Outdoor parties around your home will be a favorite and most memorable time for your family and friends.  Warmly greet your guests with low voltage lighting to beautify your home and gardens.  In the Maryland area when fall and winter arrive, the lights will show off your home when the daylight becomes sparse.  Image the evening lights with autumn colors or snow falling and yet your home looks warm and inviting!

Value Added To Your Home

Pathlights, uplights and downlights will  increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home.  They add value through increased safety and security, as well as evening, nighttime and year round use of your outdoor living areas.  Not just added beauty, but added functions for your home, definitely what new homeowners are looking for!

Chesapeake Landscapes designers prefer the use of outdoor LED lighting, conserving energy by choosing the latest energy efficient technology.  We help you determine the purpose of your outdoor lighting and guide you as you select your lighting systems.  Outdoor LED lighting can be better and brighter light than more expensive high voltage halogen lights, for a fraction of the price. Outdoor LED lighting comes in many colors and ambiance varieties.  Solar lights are another energy efficient landscape lighting option. The drawback to solar lighting, however, is that they can only be used in areas that get plenty of sunlight throughout the day and the don’t produce as much light.  The outdoor lighting specialists at Chesapeake Landscapes will guide you toward the right landscape lighting system for your desired aesthetic, purpose and budget.  Our designers will review the current needs of your home, the costs involved in installation and the long-term value added with the addition of outdoor lights around your property.



At Chesapeake Landscapes, we continue to review the latest in technology for landscape designs, plants and lighting.  LED lighting is one of the best ways to get the lighting you want and minimize energy consumption.  Our designers will help you determine the intended purpose of your outdoor lighting and guide you as you select your lighting system.  Outdoor LED lighting provides better, brighter light than high voltage halogen lighting for a fraction of the price.  It is available in many colors and ambiance varieties while still producing energy efficient, money saving beautiful lighting around your home. You may be considering solar lights, another energy efficient landscape lighting option. However the drawback to solar lighting is that they need to be placed in areas that get sufficient sunlight throughout the day and they do not produce as much light.  The outdoor lighting specialists at Chesapeake Landscapes will guide you toward the right landscape lighting system for your desired aesthetic, purpose and budget. 

Additional benefits of low voltage, LED and solar lights include:

Easy Relocation

Low voltage landscape lights and fixtures are simpler and easier to relocate and move around to new positions.  During the growing seasons, trimming or pruning your landscape plants is needed for the plants health and to increase visibility of lighting fixtures.  The low voltage and solar lights can be moved or adjusted while working around your trees and shrubs.

Smaller Size Fixtures

Your new low voltage landscape lighting fixtures will use a lot less electricity and will be smaller in size.  These parts and fixtures are easier to conceal in your landscape plantings and can be placed in multiple locations.  

Abundant & Brighter Lights

Since low voltage landscape light fixtures cost less to run and maintain - your whole property can have the enhanced lighting you want and stay within your budget.  Light up areas in your gardens, walkways and patios with more lights and brighter results.

More Lighting Choices

Your home lighting system can be customized and will be designed around the abundant style choices available today that will enhance your outdoor living areas.  You may choose to have lights placed secretly in hidden areas to light up your areas and not interfere with your outdoor living area design or have the fixtures in special finishes, such as brass, copper, or stainless and colors, such as golden or blue lights.  These options can also be changed easily depending on the season or holidays.  Chesapeake Landscape designers can help you choose what works best for your lifestyle and the outdoor areas around your home. 


 There is less disruption to your current landscape when installing low voltage landscape lighting systems, believe it or not, we have had numerous clients say they prefer our low voltage landscape lighting system over their regular 120 volt household system - not only for cost, but because they are easier to maintain.  Low voltage landscape lighting systems are more appealing to potential home buyers - as more and more people become accustomed to having a low voltage landscape lighting system installed at their home, the real estate market has become very attracted to these types of lighting systems, because homeowners see them as highly desired amenity that they will enjoy at their new home for years to come.  With the increase in availability there are now higher quality fixtures available - there are higher quality low voltage landscape lighting fixtures now available than ever before. Some fixtures come in brass or copper materials with lifetime warranties, other custom crafted fixtures are available made from metal or wood.   Safety - low voltage landscape lighting systems are VERY safe and only generate a 12 volt current, making them very safe for you, your family, and pets too. There is the green factor too, with all of the talk of saving more and more electricity/energy, low voltage landscape lighting is the premier choice.