One of the best and easiest ways to enhance the look of your yard, and keep it healthy, is through fertilizer. Lawn fertilizing can make a bad yard look great again. Plant and lawn fertilization is what we do best and it’s perfect for your landscape as it enhances grass and plant growth. Whenever you need assistance in getting a fertilizer program to fit your needs, come to Chesapeake Landscapes.


Fertilization Program

We have an extensive lawn fertilization program that is proven to promote green and healthier yards each time using our fertilizer. For each season, we carefully select the right fertilizer for your grass.As part of our program, we also offer:

⇛ Organic Fertilizer

⇛ Weed Control

⇛ Personal Care

Quality of Fertilizer

Getting the right quality of fertilizer will make or break how well your plants and lawns grow. In fact, a bad fertilizer can kill them off quickly affecting their health. If quality matters to you, calling in the experts from Chesapeake Landscapes will get them back to life.

Weed Control

When it comes to weeds, they are what take down the value of yards and easily turns them into jungles if not taken care of. Our fertilization process will help keep those pesky weeds from messing up the aesthetics of your yard.

Organic Fertilizer

In the attempt to have the perfect lawn, Chesapeake Landscapes can provide it with organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers offer several advantages over more of the popular synthetic types. Synthetic types are known to be “chemical” induced fertilizers.

Granular Fertilizers

This is a fertilizer that ensures even distribution on your lawn. Once the fertilizer is spread, it will take approximately 24 hours before it starts to work. This is due to the granules being coated as they have a slower release time.

Personal Care

When it comes to your lawn and plant life, you want a contractor that is concerned about the condition and will do everything that it takes to safely make your outdoors bloom again providing more vibrant colors to your outdoors. Here are a few helpful tips on picking out a fertilization specialist. 

⇛ Make sure they use safe chemicals

⇛ Find one who has experience

⇛ Ask neighbors who have had the same treatments

⇛ Ensure they are professional landscapers